This is a common scenario in this economy. Parents struggling to make ends meet,  try to make sure to pay their children’s college tuition first,  so their kid gets a good education.    Parents then have to choose what to pay next and sometimes,  have to let the rest of the bills take a back seat.   They end up amassing huge credit card debt and/or second mortgaging their home, losing the equity.  And sadly, when things get badly out of control,  the parents might have to file for bankruptcy.   Even though the tuition has long been paid to the university, and 

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Getting your business organized in Massachusetts

Getting your business organized Business attorney Ken Gogel discusses issues business owners should consider before launching a new venture. The entity and structure you choose can have a lasting impact on the flexibility your business has going forward. 

Intellectual Property and Using a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Some of the most important business assets you own maybe your methods and procedures.  Among the most important characteristics that make up your business may be intangible things like methods and tactics that contribute to your success or intellectual property in the developmental stages that may not be ready for copyright or trademark protection. So how do you protect these important things if you decide to discuss your business with a potential partner or interested buyer? What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement and why should I use one? A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) contains contractual obligations between parties that are discussing confidential 

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Opening a New Business in Massachusetts.

You have decided to open a new business in Massachusetts. Congratulations. Now what should you do first? Retain an experienced Massachusetts business attorney that can answer the following question:  What is the best entity for starting a business in Massachusetts? SEE ALSO: Getting Your Business Organized in Massachusetts The choice of a business entity matters. One of the first decisions that should to be made concerns the nature of the business entity you might wish to choose. An entity that limits the personal liability of the business owners is usually the best option. Personal liability, the requirement that the owners 

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So You Want to Advertise on Twitter.

So you want to advertise on Twitter but you only have 140 characters.     Surely you do not have to worry about traditional advertising disclosures do you? According to newly released Guidelines social media ads may not be deceptive or misleading. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the federal agency that regulates advertising disclosures, has weighed in on the issue of social media advertising by announcing last week that it had updated the so-called “DotCom Disclosures” Guidance released in 2000. The new guidance points out that advertisers using space-constrained ads, such as on some social media platforms, must still provide 

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